Tuesday, October 6, 2009

IE7 Shortcuts & tips

keyboard shortcuts:

Toggle between full-screen and regular views of the browser window F11
Go to the next page ALT+RIGHT ARROW
Go to the previous page ALT+LEFT ARROW or BACKSPACE
Find on this page CTRL+F
Close the current window (if you only have one tab open) CTRL+W or ALT+F4
Open Favorites CTRL+I
Switch between tabs CTRL+TAB or CTRL+SHIFT+TAB
Go to the search box CTRL+E
Print the current page CTRL+P
Select the text in the Address bar ALT+D
Add “www.” to the beginning and “.com” to the end of the text typed in the Address bar CTRL+ENTER
Display a list of addresses you’ve typed F4
Add the current page to your favorites CTRL+D
Select all items on the current webpage CTRL+A
Change number of days web pages are kept in browsing history – You can use this setting to keep track of the web sites you have visited over the specified range or you can specify 0 days, which will not keep a web history at all. Click on Tools, Internet Options, General tab, and under Browsing History choose Settings. Under History, specify the number of days.

Customize web site font and color settings – Changing the default settings for font and color are usually for Accessibility purposes, but if you just want to view all the pages you browse in one type of font, then here’s how to change it:
Go to Tools, Internet Options, General tab, and choose Accessibility. Select the Ignore colors specified on webpages, Ignore font styles specified on webpages, and Ignore font sizes specified on webpages check boxes. Then click the Fonts and Colors buttons on the General tab and choose the desired font and color.

Add customized commands to the IE toolbar – There are lots and lots of great ways that you can customize the toolbar in IE, such as using Bookmarklets or installing other third-party add-ons. Bookmarklets are little pieces of Javascript code you can add to IE that extends it’s functionality.
You can customize the toolbar by right-clicking on the command bar and choosing Customize Command Bar. Then click Add or Remove commands and move items between the Available and Current toolbar button lists.
Hope that helps speed up someone’s browsing experience! Enjoy!

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